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Congestion surcharge in Constanta Port

Export containers – accepted in the terminals of  Constanta Port, only with maximum 7 days before the  ship arrives.

Congestion surcharge  – of 500 EUR / container / day, for containers that are not picked up within 7 days from the  ship’s arrival in port.

The Constanta Port is facing a major congestion, which is why, from May 5, the export containers will be accepted in the terminal only with a maximum of 7 days before the arrival of the ship.

Starting with May 2, it was announced the introduction of a congestion surcharge of 500 EUR/container/day for containers that are not picked up within 7 days of the ship’s arrival in port.

If these measures do not sufficiently support the decongestion of the terminal, a congestion surcharge may be imposed on all full containers that have been in the terminal for more than 7 days, and days without storage will be suspended.


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