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How international cargo transport is affected because of the war in Ukraine

All types of transport are affected by the conflict situation in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine impacts the entire supply chain, leading to blockages, congestion, price increases on all types of transport, goods and fuel. Here is part of the impact so far on types of transport:


  • The shipping lines have decided to suspend all ship stopovers in Ukraine, starting today, February 25, until further notifications;
  • Space bookings on vessels to/from Odessa are suspended;
  • Goods that are already on their way to Ukraine will be redirected to other ports. Depending on the loading port, they can be directed through: Port Said, Constanta, Tripoli and Piraeus;
  • Constanta South Container Terminal (CSCT) is congested, because several ships have arrived at the same time, to which have been added the containers destined for their original destination in Odessa.


As the situation in Ukraine worsens, there are signs of concern rail operations on the China-Europe route. Routes through Ukraine are affected, but those through Poland and Belarus are operating normally.

  • All the trains to Slawkow via Izov are suspended
  • Congestion may occur due to the re-routing of trains normally transiting Ukraine


  • The price of road transport across Europe could face a significant increase
  • The fuel price is on the rise


  • The air spaces in Ukraine and Moldova have closed

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